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“I’ve used natural soap before, but I’ve been disappointed because they never lather up at all. And, your soap really works! It has a great lather! I absolutely love your soap! I so look forward to bathing and showering so that I can use your awesome products! I also love your entire philosophy.”
San Carlos, California

“I have gotten more compliments on this lip balm than you can imagine!”
Yreka, California

“We love the soap! We have been using it and it doesn’t leave any residue and smells great!”
Haleiwa, Hawaii

“I really like these bars of soap and the last one is nearly gone. I need to re-order!”
Napa, California

“I am sending this note off to express my delight in my receiving a wonderful gift from your company and to tell you how much I love your products! I have enjoyed your soaps so much and have been fascinated by them! When I picked up my package at the post office, I could already smell their amazing scent. I even put a soap under my pillow until I lost it behind the bed! I am washing my hands much more than necessary. I haven’t used the Bluebird Herbal Bath Tea yet…but it is “fragrancing” my room just now!”
-Becky W.
Nacogdoches, Texas

“I am using your original unscented soap and like it a lot. I gave one to my neighbor, and one each to a couple of coworkers to try out.”
Mililani, Hawaii

“My brother sent my husband and me some of your soaps for Christmas and we adore them! I wash my hand constantly as a massage therapist and my hands are so much softer since I started using your product.”
Seattle, Washington

“Thank you for producing such a fine product.”
Carlotta, California

“Just wanted to say ‘thank you’ for the lip balm and the bath tea. I have been thoroughly enjoying each. The bath tea is lovely, especially the way it colors AND scents the water. It is the best bath tea I have ever used. I am really looking forward to sharing your soaps with my husband’s family and my family this holiday season. Thanks so much for creating such incredible products. It gives me great joy to introduce them to others!”
Talent, Oregon

“I appreciate your soaps so much it’s not right. I might even be addicted to your soaps. How does one simultaneously thank you and bemoan this? These soaps are so good. I’ve also bought some as gifts. I have been out of your soap for a few weeks again now, and nothing else will satisfy, so thank you for shipping these precious commodities. May you have a long and successful soap making business!”
Oakland, California

“Thank you so much for your products – I love them!”
-Becky A.
Ashland, Oregon

“You make a beautiful product! I was passing through Ashland, Oregon this summer and came across one of your stands and bought some of your soap and I am so sad that it is all gone! I need more! No other soap will do now!”
Ladner, British Columbia

“I want to tell you that the lip balm we purchased from you worked very well. Immediately my granddaughter got relief, so I decided to put some on…OH MY GOSH…it felt so good, made my lips feel smooth and moist. Wish I had had some of this when I lived in Arizona!”
Coos Bay, Oregon

“The soaps smell sooooo good. And, they last a long time too.”
San Diego, California

“I only have one bar left. Oh my! I have been giving it away and getting glowing testimonials. I am addicted to your soap and will need to put in another order soon.”
Scottsdale, Arizona

“I sure love your soaps. Their soothing scent is filling my office now. I look forward to purchasing more of your lovely soaps.”
Grants Pass, Oregon

“I couldn’t wait to share your products with my friends and family. My sister and her husband were both very impressed with how beautiful the soaps were and how lovely they smelled! They were perfect for this season…thoughtful, conscientious, a joy to the senses. My gift giving was so much fun and enjoyable this year. Thanks again for your beautiful products. I wish you and your business all the best!”
El Cajon, California

“I love your website and the products. I’m happy to do business with such a good company.”

“My husband was laughing at me on our recent trip to Hawaii, because before I got into the shower, I pulled one of your soaps out of my bag, and he said, “I think you’re the only person I know that carries a favorite soap with them everywhere they go”…but, it’s true! I think they are the best and I want them during every shower experience no matter where I am.”
Ocean Beach, California

“The lip balm stayed on during a washing machine abalone dive. Your products are great! Thanks again.”

“The soap was such a huge hit with all my friends, family, and colleagues! Thanks so much!!”
Ashland, Oregon

“I’m very excited to stuff my dad’s stocking this year with your soap. My dad LOVES it! He keeps pestering me to get your info and I keep putting him off because it will make a great stocking stuffer! I just ordered 3 bars to keep him going for a while. I love your website, business philosophy and everything you are doing for birds! Thanks for keeping my dad clean and being such a cool business!”
Santa Barbara, California

“I really love your soap and intend to order more for birthday gifts! Thanks so much!”

“Your soaps are the best thing ever!! I am always giving them as gifts to people. I keep your soaps in a drawer next to the bathroom. When I take out a clean face towel to use, they smell of your delicious soaps. I love it! I just had to tell you that I think of your products everyday. Thanks again!”
Santee, California

“I received your lavender soaps yesterday from a friend. I immediately loved the soap and packaging.”
Ashland, Oregon

“I bought some of your soaps last year. I love them!”
Chula Vista, California

“Every time I visit my family in Ashland I make sure to stock up on your soaps and products. I absolutely love your products and what you are doing! I haven’t found a natural product to compare with yours. Thank you for making your products!”
San Francisco, California





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  1. Adriel says:

    What can I say, your products are great. I love Crow and the Hummingbird LipFix just works.

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